Current line up:
Johannes Håkansson - Bass, Vocals
Philip Ståhlgren - Lead vocals, guitar
Kristopher Ståhlgren - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jonas Mårtensson - Drums
Emil Lindahl - Guitar
Andreas Lindahl - Keyboard

Scenic View is the story about six guys from the dark forests of southern Sweden. Three of them are brothers who grew up in the small village Vislanda, a one-gas-station town better known for its murders, fires and copper thefts than anything else. This is the platform on which Scenic View creates their music about life of the common man. Even though the band has left the village behind the image still shows in their sound.

When Scenic View in 2009 released their debut album, InSight, Groove-magazine praised the band “With their energetic performance and infected pop choruses Scenic View sticks out of the crowd”. “By mixing crazy 70th rock with classic singer/song writing the band creates a unique sound”.

With crowded live performances and a way of catching the audience both musically and with intriguing lyrics Scenic View steeps into the future with big ambitions. In the late 2012 Scenic View recorded 11 new song in collaboration with PAMA records/Max Music. The new album, ...from the shadow of city lights, was released 15/3 - 2013.

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